Save over £200,000 a year under EII Compensation – benefits are open to all types of business

In order to determine whether you are eligible for Energy Intensive Industries Compensation there are 2 criteria:

Do you operate in an eligible sector?

NACE codes published by BEIS list eligible sectors, which are big electricity users like large engineering, steel and chemical processes, oil and gas and similar businesses where energy is a significant part of process and operations.

Is your business an intensive electrical user?

We undertake the claim and ascertain your eligibility which is based on your energy costs being over 20% of your annual GVA (Gross Value Added)

Don’t delay … you can get EII Compensation today

We have helped many clients benefit from this relief which can be quite substantial, in fact over 20% which continues each year. As a high energy usage organisation you cannot afford not to take advantage of this benefit.

We can also undertake many other reduction in usage, costs and management of your energy use through the many services we have developed over the years and with a multi-faceted energy management program will add to your overall energy saving and efficiency.

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