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Frequently Asked Questions




What are the terms and conditions of the grant?

Full terms and conditions of the grant can be downloaded here.


What is the Low Carbon Workspaces project?

Low Carbon Workspaces is a grant scheme funded by the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It offers grants
to organisations to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse gas
emissions, through the installation of energy efficiency solutions (such
as insulation, and LED lighting).


How will the grant benefit my organisation?

  • By providing a grant to fund the installation of energy efficiency solutions.
  • By identifying sustainable energy options which will reduce your costs.
  • By improving your organisation’s green reputation.


What is an SME?

An SME is an enterprise which employs fewer than 250 persons
and has an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million Euro, and/or an
annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million Euro [in accordance
with the definition laid down in EU Regulation No 1303/2013 within the
meaning of Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC (please see the website here).


Which organisations are NOT eligible for the grant?

  • Franchises
  • Social welfare (hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, sports facilities, parks and public facilities such as libraries)
  • School-age educational establishments
  • Child-minding facilities
  • Organisations directly involved in the primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products (including fishery and aquaculture)
  • Coal, steel, shipbuilding and synthetic fibre industries
  • Banking and insurance companies
  • Organisations ineligible for State Aid
  • Organisation that have received more than €200,000 in State Aid in the last 3 rolling years

If you are unsure whether your organisation is eligible to receive a grant please contact us.


We’re moving premises. Can we apply for a grant?

Yes, you can apply for a grant if you can demonstrate that your project will result in less energy being consumed at your premises compared to the project not going ahead at all. It must be for the replacement of existing equipment, fixtures or fittings; the installation of energy efficiency measures associated with the building fabric (roof, floor slabs, walls, windows, and doors) or voltage optimisation technology.

You will need to agree with the Low Carbon Workspaces team a method to both forecast and then monitor the energy savings resulting from your project. Monitoring requirements will form a condition of the grant award.


Energy costs are included in our rent and not based on the amount of energy we actually use. Can we receive a grant?

No. To be eligible to receive a grant you must be the organisation that will benefit from the energy cost savings resulting from your energy efficiency project.


How much grant money can I get towards the cost of my energy efficiency projects?

The grant available is for £1,000 – £5,000 and is match funded on a 2:1 basis. For example the total project expenditure must be a minimum of £3,000 to receive the minimum £1,000 grant, or £15,000 to receive the maximum grant size of £5,000. Total project expenditure is not limited to £15,000.

Currently SMEs in the Black Country and Hertfordshire have up to £5000 available to them. Businesses in Buckinghamshire have up to £2500 available.


What measures and how many projects will the grant cover?

Grants will only be approved for physical improvements that quantifiably contribute to the reduction of an organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Example projects could include:

  • Insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Electric and plug-in hybrid electric fleet vehicles
  • Fleet management systems
  • Water efficiency measures
  • Waste reduction measures
  • Renewable heat and electricity generating technologies
  • Battery storage systems
  • Condensing boilers
  • Energy efficient IT equipment
  • Double glazing

This is a snapshot of fundable technologies, please call us on 01494 927131 if you are looking to confirm a project


How will carbon savings be measured?

Currently, tonnes of carbon saved will be measured using:


What is the application process?

Please see the ‘How to Apply’ page.


What information do I need to provide?

  • General details about your organisation, including – address, contact details, and staff numbers.
  • Details of the work you have planned for installing energy efficiency, solutions, evidence of your organisation’s energy use and procurement process (quotations from contractors etc.), and an energy efficiency / management action plan.
  • Information about whether you have received State Aid in the last three years and / or have submitted an application for State Aid.


What are the monitoring requirements?

Monitoring required for projects will be determined on a case by case basis. Examples include taking meter readings at regular intervals. If necessary an energy monitor / meter will be provided by the programme to assist with monitoring.


Can I claim VAT?

If your organisation is not VAT registered you can claim back VAT. However, if your organisation is VAT registered you will not be able to claim for VAT.


How quickly will I get my grant?

You can claim your grant as soon as you have finished your project and submitted evidence to us of payment to your installer. We aim to process claims and send out payment within 30 days.


Can I use the grant to purchase renewable energy solutions?

Yes, however you will not be able to claim either the Feed-in-Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive if you do. We recommend you forecast and compare the income and cost savings from each option to decide which will be most beneficial to your business.


Who are Ngage Solutions?

Ngage Solutions is a not-for-profit company based in Buckinghamshire who design and deliver programmes to support organisations, individuals and communities. Every year we provide practical solutions to real business needs. To date, Ngage Solutions has leveraged more than £60 million of funding to invest in business support services. To find out more about Ngage Solutions please visit


What is the European Regional Development Fund?

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has been established to reduce the gap between differing levels of development across various regions in the EU, to reduce the extent to which the least-favoured regions and islands (including rural areas) are lagging behind. Further information is available at: structural-and-investment-funds


Will my information be secure?

Ngage Solutions uses Nasstar, a secure cloud based IT platform. Nasstar implements an Information Security Management System that has been accredited with the internationally recognised standard ISO 27001.


How does the Low Carbon Calculator work?

Our Low Carbon Calculator is available via the Apply Now page. For each of the building types covered by this tool, an energy performance model has been built using energy modelling software. These models produce an estimate of the annual energy performance (in kWh/m2)
of a typical building in each category (e.g. a typical office). These initial models give a ‘base case’ for energy performance, which assumes no retrofit actions have been taken.  These models have then been modified to calculate the energy performance and savings for each of the different retrofit scenarios e.g. wall insulation, boiler replacement. A database of these modelled figures for all of the retrofit scenarios has been created, to provide the basis for the savings estimates generated by the tool.

The building type and floor area, energy consumption and cost data and information selected/provided by the user is used by the tool to convert the relative energy savings (kWh/m2) into energy, carbon and cost savings (kWh, tonnes CO2 and £ per year) for certain energy efficiency measures.


Who will have access to my information/data?

Ngage Solutions has a PRIVACY POLICY which describes what information Ngage Solutions collects, how it stores this data, and what Ngage Solutions does with it.


How can the Low Carbon Workspaces team help?

  • We have a dedicated and experienced team who can help identify suitable projects, determine whether your organisation is eligible for the grant, and provide you with information of other grant schemes. We can offer site visits to a certain number of organisations.
  • We will help you complete and check your forms and information so that your application is processed as efficiently as possible. Sometimes we may need to contact you to find out more about your project or discuss its eligibility and progress.
  • We may be able to provide energy monitoring / metering devices on a short term basis to help determine how much energy is being consumed.


Are there other Energy Efficiency Grants available in my area?

They certainly are and you can find a comprehensive list of other ERDF supported grants here


I have more questions!

If there’s anything else you want to know that we have not answered here – email and we’ll do our best to help!